R4&R4i Cards Should be Exist or Shouldn’t ?

At the end of July Nintendo finally succeeded in making the R4 illegal to sell in the UK. The ruling also banned sales of other DS cards such as M3 and DSTT which “enable Nintendo DS users to play unlawful copies of Nintendo DS games which they have downloaded using the internet”.

But the decision in France went against Nintendo. The judge in this case stated that Nintendo “should be more like Windows where anyone can develop any application if they wish to.”

In my opinion, I am agree with the france . I think the R4 DS /R4i is a great invention .Frirstly, The Nintendo company must asked themselves: why do the R4DS card can exist and sell well ? why they don’t consummate the Nintendo console to block the R4/R4i ?why don’t they reduce the price of the DS Games ?

As well kown, the Nintendo ds/dsl/dsi has a powerful features, but unfortunately it still lacks some features that you might have expected like the ability to run homebrew games through the SD card reader. This is why R4???????R4i cards can be existed

And the R4& R4i card lets your Nintendo DSi do some amazing things! Some of these include that it can be used as a Web Browser, PDA, MP3 Player, Word Processor and Video Player. Last but not least, with the R4NDSi you can play free homebrew games too. More important , it is much cheaper than you would pay for an original DS game .And most of the Nintendo ds/dsl/dsi owner are students , they have no enough money to purchase such expensive original DS game. In this case , the R4&R4i Cards are their first choice . So these R4&R4i cards can become popular in short time.

While there is no denying that the R4 had a negative effect on the games industry, there was a legitimate use of R4 DS cards which allowed them to stay legal up to this point. A side effect of the ruling is that people will no longer be able to play homebrew software on their Nintendo DS and development of homebrew software is likely to diminish. As the france judgement said — Nintendo should be more like Windows where anyone can develop any application if they wish to.

It is sad that once again only large profit-hungry organisations will be able to make games for the DS. It’s not only homebrew fans who see it this : The above statement just belongs to the personal opinions

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