Smart Facebook Secrets for Messenger in 2020

With more or less a billion users every month, The Facebook standalone messaging application – Facebook Messenger – has become as popular as the main Facebook application. But some companies have bigger plans for the application than just being Facebook’s messaging sibling. 

Over the past years, the social media giant has packed a lot of unexpected and refreshing functionalities into its messaging application. In the near future. It could include a tighter integration with other messaging application, WhatsApp and photo-sharing platform, Instagram – both owned by Facebook. 

For now, Messenger is still an all-in-one communication, entertainment and productivity platform. Here are some of Facebook messenger secrets users need to know about this app.

Using as a chat application is very helpful if you want to work while using your smartphone and you do not want your boss to see you do that. It does not have all the functions of the mobile phone application, but trust me, it gets the job done. 

To transfer large amount of files

While most of the cool stuff is reserved for mobile Messenger application, the desktop version will also allow you to send a good number of files, whether it is Photoshop files, Microsoft Word or Notepad documents, even photos and videos. 

If you are using a pop-up chat platform on, there is a paperclip icon on the page that you can use to attach a file, whether it is a document, photos or videos. You can also click the overlapping photo icon to attach a file. People who use mobile phones can still receive and access the data that was sent to you, but the Messenger application will only the user to send files like photos or videos. 

Send video files and messages

You can also create or make a short video using the application and load them with filters or another customization. On the mobile app, tap the camera button and hold the hold the red center button to record your message. 

Create your daily story

The application is not just for communicating with friends, family or co-workers. Sometimes, you might want to make a post that your Facebook friends can see. You can do this by creating a Story. It is the same with Instagram and Snapchat. You can create a short collection of photos or videos. You can write messages or add filters on it to make it more presentable. 

To get started, click or tap the Add to Your Story or Your Story button on the top of the People or Chat pages and follow the directions. Once your story has been published, it will be visible to your friend’s list for 24 hours. You can also adjust the settings to make sure that only certain friends will see the story.

Send audio file or messages

FB Messenger will allow the users to send audio messages to their contacts. Tap the icon with four dots and tap Record Voice to make a recording. You can send them to the person you are chatting with.

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Manage all your groups

The apps allow the user to engage in a group conversation. It is a useful feature when you are organizing an event like reunions, a family get together or a school reunion. Create a group conversation by clicking the New Message icon at the top of the page and add the people that you want to participate in the thread. 

Once the conversation is created, the application treats it like a regular one-on-one conversation. Click user icons to check out the group settings and change the group’s theme, search the conversation or turn on and off member requests. 

Accessing the menu feature at the top of the page will also allow the users to change the conversation name, delete a specific conversation, leave the chat group or remove someone from the group.

Scan codes using the application

FB Messenger can also scan codes; it was initially introduced by their rival social media platform Snapchat. People can use the app to scan personal codes and link them on the Messenger instantly, instead of searching the main Facebook page. 

To see the code, click your profile picture. You will find your personalized code with your photo in the middle. If you click that, a pop-up page will appear. The My Code page will give you the code for scanning, while the Scan Code page will allow the user to scan other people’s codes.

Add cool extensions to your conversations

The application will allow the user to interact or communicate with a third-party service directly using their open chat window. It will give them and their friends a chance to use it all together. Click the icon with four dots in the conversation to view all available extensions. You can send new stories from other website’s extension or share links or recipes from popular food blogs or sites like Tasty or Food Network.

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Send your favorite songs through the app

A lot of music-streaming websites like Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music integrate their services with FB Messenger. It means you can send your favorite songs to your friend’s list with a simple click of a button. For example, if you want to send a song from Spotify, click the share button. 

It will open the Messenger tab, and choose from your friend’s list for the song’s recipient. After sending the song, A Spotify link will pop-up in your conversation with the recipient. They can freely listen to the song clips using the apps. But if they want to hear the full song, they need to visit the Spotify app.